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Target Markets and Destinations (Priority 2010, 2011)

Providing the traditional and alternative maritime and continental hubs important for the Bulgarian Market with a terminal hub in Sofia and incorporating it in already existing Paneuropean partners' connections

  • Varna Port - Sofia and Port of Bourgas - Sofia
  • Port of Thessaloniki – Sofia
  • Procter and Gamble Express - Arad/Timisoara – Sofia – Thessaloniki - Paireos
  • Ljubljana - Sofia
  • Koper - Sofia
  • Port of Constanta - Bucharest - Sofia

Long-Term Plan of Sales


Destination Rail Operator Customer Base Train Type Notes
Thessaloniki - Sofia

Varna - Sofia

Intermodal Consolidation in Poti by NMB ferryboat, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
Arad - Belgrade - Sofia

Ljubljana - Sofia

Constanta - Bucharest - Sofia  
Intermodal Consolidation from Pitesti, Ploiesti + repositioning business from MAERSK


Destination Rail Operator Customer Base Train Type Notes
Interporto di Padova - Sofia
  Intermodal Oriented to the Turkish market with terminalization at Yana Terminal
Koper - Sofia

Intermodal To avoid import VAT
Genk - Sofia
  Intermodal Consolidaton UK, B, NL + traffic from Northern ports
Dusiburg - Sofia

Intermodal Traffic from Germany to Bulgaria and Turkey + Port of Hamburg
Lambach (Austria) - Sofia

Intermodal With consolidation of cargo from Southern Germany in Lambach


Destination Rail Operator Customer Base Train Type
Valentone (Paris) - Sofia

Székesfehérvár - Sofia

Koper - Sofia