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Yana. A Terminal For Europe and Central Asia

20 July 2011


      With a private network of 35 km of line around Yana station 5 private stations, a surface of 60,000 square metres, with tens of km of railways, Yana terminal is the largest terminal and the first dedicated to the intermodal and container transport in Bulgaria. Its strategic position is due to its geographical location near Sofia and at the junction of 3 pan-European Corridors: Corridor IV (Berlin-Thessaloniki), Corridor VII (Duras-Varna) and Corridor X (Salzburg-Istanbul).

      Connected to the regular block trains service on the route Sofia-Yana - Terminal Port - Varna, to the ferryboat lines in Ukraine, Yana terminal is a gateway to Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Caspian Sea and from here on to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and China. "If a combined transport operator has regular services to Yana, it can ship its freight volume from Western Europe to Central Asia without being necessary to shift their goods from one vehicle to another. It would only need container transport. We want to attract West-European transport to Central Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. This is possible due to the terminal's strategic position", declared Ivo Konstatinov,
      Director Strategy & Trade of Ecologistics. Container transport will become one of the most...


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