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Ecologistics launch the container train service

17 September 2011

     The first ever container block train, also known as a unit train, has been received at the first intermodal transport terminal in Bulgaria - Yana-Sofia.


     The pilot unit train with 24 railway cars carrying 24 containers loaded in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana arrived in Sofia on 17th September 2011.

     Until now, container block trains had only passed through Bulgaria but had never been used on Bulgarian territory because of the lack of intermodal transport terminals with sufficient capacity.

     A unit train, also called a block train, is train in which all the freight cars are shipped from the same origin to the same destination, without being split up or stored en route, a practice that saves time and money.

With the arrival of the first ever container block train in Bulgaria, the country formally becomes part of the European network of intermodal terminals connecting Lyon in France with Istanbul in Turkey, the Transport.

      The arrival of the first container block train at the Yana station in Sofia is the result of a joint project between the state-owned company BDZ Freight Services EOOD and a private firm, Ecologistics EOOD, for the creation of a new transport service - transportation from Ljubljana to Sofia by unit train with 40-feet containers.

By the end of 2011, the Yana railway station will process about 400 containers delivered by unit trains from the Adriatic port of Koper, Slovenia, which means that each week one container block train will travel from Ljubljana to Sofia.

     The full capacity of the intermodal transport terminal at Yana will be achieved gradually, after the firms in charge of the project conclude their talks with six more intermodal operators for the processing of regular container unit trains, the Transport Ministry announced.

     Bulgaria's Transport Ministry is going to grant all-our support to the use of container block trains, or unit trains, in the country, according to Deputy Minister of Transport and IT Kamen Kichev who took part in the formal welcome of the container block train at the intermodal transport terminal at the Yana train station in Sofia..

"These type of transport services such as the container block trains are the future. They will receive the necessary support from the Transport and IT Ministry because the smaller amount of freight is transported by road, the smaller the harm to the environment in Bulgaria," Kichev said Saturday at the Yana train station in Sofia, as cited by the ministry press service.


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